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Synchronicity Science

Meditation is the cornerstone to the success of your wellness program. 


Here’s Why:  Elective engagement is personal. It’s complicated, and it’s difficult because let’s face it, change is scary.  Some of us may be more adaptable and resilient than others, but at the end of the day, this is not about fixing what’s wrong with anyone.  Rather, it’s merely about breaking down barriers to new skill sets.  Any wellness offering, whether focused in nutrition, fitness, leadership, or any of hundreds of areas of possible focus, will face the same core challenge, and that is each individual’s willingness to engage.


Behavioral adoption and retention rates are the measurements by which effectiveness is determined.  This is a simple fact with a profound implication. Your wellness budget and the intended results depend on it.  So how do we avoid superficial dabbling and promote lasting improvements in productivity and performance?  The answer is,  internally. 


In other words, it’s within you, and within each of us.  Every wellness touchpoint advocates for meditation, which places it as the unifying theme supporting them all.  This is why meditation is the beginning of the journey, not the end, and the first milestone is self-awareness.  Curiosity will clear the path for conscious choice.  Turns out, genuine permission was always the missing ingredient.

Understanding Brainwave Science

The first step covers awareness.  Feeling relaxed and focused will yield those moments of pure insight where realization sparks inspiration. 


Evening Routine

Excessive screen time is messing with our bio-rhythms.  The second step restores the serotonin-melatonin connection for deep restful sleep.


Morning Routine 

Step three introduces flow-state dynamics.  This is the next-level for time management.  Be in the right place at the right time, by choice!


Strength and Endurance Training

By the end of step four, you’ll have the stamina to go the distance.  What once seemed so far out of reach will now be yours for the taking.


The primary result of nurturing a pro-consciousness workplace culture is the company-wide surge in positive health parameters. The immediate effects are numerous, and the company benefits from lower health insurance expenses while at the same time enjoying higher productivity with much less burnout.


These transformations lead to a significantly positive office morale, which accounts for less absenteeism and less turnover, especially for a hybrid staff of on-site and remote employees.

Adam's corporate wellness programs are based on data, because the app that Adam uses to monitor and track his students' progress through his program provides both qualitative and quantitative feedback.  In addition to the class schedule, Adam helps his students to establish healthy journaling habits, including a gratitude journal and a nutrition and exercise journal. The supplementary videos and worksheets that Adam provides make incorporating meditation into an individual's daily routine incredibly comfortable.

Students are encourages to connected their MUSE meditation headset, their Oura Ring sleep tracker, their FitBit, their Garmin, and any of many several other smart health devices directly to the app. With custom-tailored encouragement, guidance, accountability, and support, all it takes is 8 to 12 weeks of training this season, to see life-long results beginning next season.

Synchronicity Science was developed to coincide within a traditional business cycle, Q1 to Q4.  Each step lasts 90 days and includes a total of 24 different ways to meditate. Adam will meet with your team during the first and third week of each month to introduce the new lesson, and your team will meet in the second and fourth week to bond over their challenges and triumphs.  Adam will also arrange for private spot-checks, special guests, and other bonuses for added incentive.  The primary outcome is in each individual becoming comfortable with the meditation skill set, consisting of the abilities to self-identify and to self-motivate towards areas of further study within the greater realm of wellness offerings. 


Meditation is the cornerstone to the success of your wellness program.

For corporate wellness inquiries, Adam can be reached via email:

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