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Like many successful entrepreneurs, I turned to meditation when my Manhattan based advertising agency and the associated responsibilities were growing beyond what coffee and happy hour could handle. Although I was not necessarily looking for a spiritual path, and neither was I really doing all that I could for my health, to be honest, the blessings of these esoteric and occult teachings found me anyway. 

Lifelong asthma, seasonal allergies, migraines, and other everyday issues vanished in mere months, and after only a few years, the profound  depression from childhood trauma that I was experiencing began to dissolve and disappear.

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ABOUT: About Me

During more than a decade of exploration, I have studied with -and- been trained by many incredible individuals including several world champions of various martial arts, two Grand Masters, practitioners from The Medicineless Hospital, and a vast range of teachers that altogether cultivated such a presence of being that people started to request that I teach these techniques and philosophies that were so clearly in my heart.

That's how Relax with Adam came to be, and why I am devoted to helping my fellow humans find what resonates with them, because there's a thousand ways to meditate and a million reasons why, but whatever your reason is, I'll help you find a method that works for you.

ABOUT: About Me

Find Your Way Home

Take a deep breath. Relax, and tap into the innate intelligence of your subtle energy biofield. Adam teaches everything from modern quantum science to the ways of the ancient Masters. Whether you're curious about the latest in scientific discovery or secret occult mysticism, Adam has got you covered.


I've been featured on stages presenting to thousands, and I am a frequent guest of the Tibet House, the Anthroposophical Society, and the Center for Remembering & Sharing.


Anyone can learn these fundamentally simple techniques to improve their health and extend their lifespan.

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