Synchronicity Science

Moments of pure alignment, flow, serendipity, luck, Grace - whatever you call it - are actually neurobiological conditions that are a natural aspect of life as a Human being.

During this 4 Part Journey of Exploration, you'll learn how exactly to trigger the phenomenon of synchronicity science, in other words, you'll practice various methods to "get in the zone", and find relief from stress, experience peace of mind, enjoy better sleep, and so much more.

Graphic depicting the 5 primary brainwave states visually by wavelength and then artist interpretation of the power of the associated state.

Wellness Program

Let Adam and his friends (some of the worlds most well known authorities on consciousness and wellness) share these ancient and contemporary techniques with you.

Topics Covered:

Typical results include greater presence in all that you do, everything that you are, and access to the light within that will give you the strength and clarity of focus to reach your highest potential, and to leave behind a legacy for your family, your community, and if it suits you, for history.  

Enrollment begins
January 18th