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Learn to Meditate

There's a thousand ways to meditate, and a million reasons why. Whatever your reason is, Adam will help you find a method that resonates with you.

Known for his corporate wellness programs, Adam combines a trauma-informed approach with embodied coherence.


Due to the rising popularity of telehealth and virtual coaching, now you can relax with Adam during his daily Zoom classes.

Which organizations prefer 
to Relax with Adam?


What's Covered in Class?

Physical Therapy

Tai Chi


Essential Oils

Roots + Herbs
Flower Essences

Adam Meditation during Ho'oponopono Practice

Energy Healing



Vocal Toning

Qi Gong



Mantras + Mudras

Sound Journeys



Ashton Cantou, The Confidence Catalyst


Marina Kirik, The Holistic Stress Coach


Ron Michael, The Ascension Keys



“This is powerful.  I had no idea there would be a switch in my brain to move out all the clutter of past and future and be present. Meditation classes with Relax with Adam will take you to a place you're going to be so happy to be.”

Carey Davis, Transworld Business Advisors



“Adam is a symbol of peace and enlightenment in a hectic world. I highly recommend his small group classes and individual sessions for entrepreneurs who are looking to expand their possibilities and become more productive in business.”

Krystle Kotara, Anya Lust Lingerie Company


‍“I attended one of Adam's meditation classes with a thousand thoughts and things to do in my head, but once I was there, Adam created a safe space for all of us to clear our thoughts and be there with ourselves. It was incredible; once we finish class, I even had more things to do than when I arrive, the only different thing was my mindset. I was now more aware of my surroundings and the work that I will be doing later that day without the stress. I highly recommend Adam's classes to anybody who wants to obtain more in their daily lives!”

Diego Lares, 3D World Renderings

Adam Teaching at The Assemblage

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3 Classes for $33
(Save 50%)


Meditation Courses


Guided Journeys and

Seasonal Empowerments

Meditation Packages

3X+ Classes Per Day

Weekly, Daily, or Unlimited
(Save upto 75%)


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Find Your Way Home

Take a deep breath. Relax, and tap into the innate intelligence of your subtle energy biofield. Adam teaches everything from modern quantum science to the ways of the ancient Masters. Whether you're curious about the latest in scientific discovery or secret occult mysticism, Adam has got you covered.


He has been featured on stages presenting to thousands, and is a frequent guest of the Tibet House, the Anthroposophical Society, and the Center for Remembering & Sharing.


Anyone can learn these fundamentally simple techniques to improve their health and extend their lifespan.



“Adam is incredible!  His knowledge of meditation is unlike anyone I have ever met. In just a few moments, he is able to instantly ground me and take all of the “weight” off of my shoulders. I have a ton of decisions to make every day, given all that I am up to. Adam’s simple techniques allow me to focus and get clarity so I can approach issues from a clean space, instead of from a reactionary position.”

Amy Noelle, Lend-a-Hand Uganda



“I've been working with Adam for months now and I love his approach to meditation and mindfulness. Adam's demeanor and expertise in the subject matter make him really stand out from the competition. He's also a super nice and authentic human being. Thanks Adam!”

Paul Smith, Techromatic Cyber Security



“Adam is so passionate about bringing the power of meditation out into the world! He's gifted and extremely knowledgeable, and I highly recommend him for anyone looking to de-stress and/or explore the benefits of meditation as a mind/body practice.”

Carmela Bennett EdD MS MHC CASAC, Psychotherapist

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Upcoming Events

  • Sound Bath with Taoist Teacher Maggie Law
    Sound Bath with Taoist Teacher Maggie Law
    Wed, Mar 15
    New York
    Mar 15, 2023, 6:00 PM – 8:00 PM EDT
    New York, 191 Canal St #6, New York, NY 10013, USA
    Mar 15, 2023, 6:00 PM – 8:00 PM EDT
    New York, 191 Canal St #6, New York, NY 10013, USA
    Experience the transformational healing sound bowls and gongs played by Sifu Maggie.
Adam's 30 Minute Mini Medi Course

Relax with Adam

30 Minute Mini Meditation Course

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